Aluminium container for components logistics and assembly applications

The LKE containers are available in all sizes and with numerous options such as doors or shelf trays, with covers, tarps, or roller shutters; they are stackable, feature components protection and variable interiors, individual interior fittings or they can be supplied with detachable or fold-away castors. The transported items can therefore be removed safely and simply at their site of installation or assembly.

With their standardized concept and design, safe and efficient transportation, a module design which allows needs-driven retrofitting to be made and a long service life, our container and roller container systems offer a high level of product protection and a wide variety of applications.

Ergonomics and safety at the workplace are also top of the LKE list of priorities.

       > We develop very robust aluminium trolleys in all sizes and in numerous versions completely in line with
         your requirements.

Simply proceed step-by-step to gain an overview of the various types of equipment and see which options they offer.

One container - numerous possibilities

Step 1:
Standard aluminium container

  • various dimensions / sizes are available, e.g. to make optimal use of the loading space in a truck

    • individual solutions
    • high product protection
    • wide variety of application areas due to standardised concept and design
    • durable products
    • safe and efficient transport
    • modular design to allow for retrofitting
    • protected against splashing water (IP54), condensate drainage
    • container transport with conventional transport equipment
    • ergonomic working and operational safety
    • green supply chain

    For the safe transportation and weather-proof storages of sensitive or fragile components.

    Step 2: Fitting - Around the container


    The base

    Step 3: Interior


    Aluminum-Containers are stackable

    LKE Containers in standard sizes as well as containers of differing sizes can be stacked as their dimensions are in line with the usual truck norms.

    This allows them to be transported by customary means.



    LKE Repair Service

    One important aspect in favour of the LKE containers and trolleys is the fact that they can be repaired if damaged and then re-introduced into the aviation logistics cycle.


    We apply the experience gained through the years to plan, design and manufacture our products ourselves in the most modern production facilities.

    Trust in our individual future-oriented solution concepts and high-quality serial products having the proven LKE quality, "Made in Germany".