Roll-on/Roll-off system solutions

Take a look at our solidly constructed, high-quality roll-on/roll-off system solutions.

The perfect combination for any requirement in the aviation sector are the roll-on / roll-off aluminium containers with special–purpose trolleys which can be driven right up to the installation or assembly site and feature pockets for transportation by fork lift and can be stacked for a storage purposes.

Both containers and roller containers are splash-protected (IP 54).

We produce them completely in line with "your" requirements so that you can use them optimally in your company.

We present you two versions here of the roll-on/roll-off system:

  • Container + trolley + container with ramp
  • pallet + trolley + container with ramp

  • trolleys can be moved to the assembly site
  • material: aluminium
  • solid construction
  • with insertion aids for fork lift trucks
  • stackable

For the safe transportation and weather-proof storages of sensitive or fragile components

The right combination fullfills every requirements!

Container with ramp and trolley

Trolley and pallet


Please contact us if you are interested in this flexible system and can imagine using it in your company.

We apply the experience gained through the years to plan, design and manufacture our products ourselves in the most modern production facilities.

Trust in our individual future-oriented solution concepts and high-quality serial products having the proven quality, "Made in Germany".