Ergonomics at the workplace

The right products for a healty, safe and efficient workflow

If operating procedures are to run smoothly and trouble-free, measures must be taken to minimize the strain on the operator's health by providing him or her with an ergonmically designed workplace.

The aim of such measures is to increase the efficiency of each employee whilst observing legal occupational health and safety requirements. Should an employee be unfit for work for a longer period of time because of chronic health problems, back trouble or occupational accidents this means considerable, almost incalculable costs, for the company.

The causes of injury are manifold – a false movement, the avoidable lifting of tools, materials and boxes of materials, or incorrect handling procedures on assembly lines. It is therefore important that employees are given the proper tools for their work to provide them with the best possible protection against having to take days off because of work-related sickness or injury and at the same time to increase the level of safety in the workplace.
LKE has made the topic of „ergonomics at the workplace” its business and has designed products appropriate to meet these high requirements.

Here we present a few small but important aspects:



We apply the experience gained through the years to plan, design and manufacture our products ourselves in the most modern production facilities.

Trust in our individual future-oriented solution concepts and high-quality serial products having the proven LKE quality, "Made in Germany".